Transgender Boys in the Boy Scouts of America


The Boy Scouts of America recently announced their decision to allow transgender boys. After months of deliberation, it has been decided that whatever a child writes as his/her gender on the children’s application is what will be recorded and utilized by the Boy Scouts of America, regardless of whether they are biologically male or female. According to CNN, Michael Sarbaugh, the Chief Scout Executive, states that this choice was not intended to be political, but rather one that allows for a larger client base to have the ability to experience all that BSA has to offer. This is part of a growing trend towards being socially accepting. According to CNN, they have been loosening restrictions towards the LQBTQ community in past years. I have spoken to Boy Scouts within the student body at Walt Whitman High School to record their opinions.

One Sophomore Boy Scout says that equality for all is “a key element for Boy Scouts…it is a great step forward in our mission for equality for all.” Another former Boy Scout supports “equal rights in general, I honestly don’t care although I want them to be in…I just want them to have a choice.” One non Boy Scout states that it is “fine that they’re doing this, but some people may just blow this out of proportion thinking that it is a huge deal… at the time I think it is the right decision to make.” This issue is one that is going to either help or hurt Boy Scouts of America in the long run.