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AP Biology

If you are considering expanding upon your knowledge of biology or taking a course that will aid in your future career plans in the medical field, AP Biology is a great option and offers an extensive curriculum. This class meets everyday and has a lab period every other day. Additionally, it is taught only by Mrs. Carman who has been teaching this subject for more than ten years. Most of the homework for this class consists of online assignments on, packets to outline the textbook chapters, and lab writeups. While the work may seem overbearing, there is more than enough time to get the work done as Mrs. Carman posts the homework for the week over the weekend. If you have done your homework, then the quizzes and test should be much easier to take because they typically mirror the work assigned (a helpful tip for studying would be to either make flashcards or go online to to look at practice questions). That being said, it is important to take notes in class and keep track of all of the work because the notes are not posted online and notes can range from two to four pages per period. This class is beneficial way to obtain hands-on experience and to delve deeper into the subject of biology.

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