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AP World

AP World is a rigorous course in which you are expected to take the AP exam in May and the Global Regents in June. The main difference between an AP class and a honors class is independence.

AP World is a challenging course to take. Class consists of lectures and notes on the board. However, most of the work is done independently and outside of class. When I asked  Kelly Strigaro what was the most challenging adjustment in AP World, she said “being able to listen to the lectures than actually taking notes.” The amount of homework really depends on the night, but you do receive homework almost every night. To be successful in AP World you must be willing to put in the effort to read the textbook multiple times and on top of that take notes on what you have read. Many students in AP World agree that the best advice to give to incoming sophomores that want to take this course is to read and study the textbook.

Tests in AP World can be lengthy; therefore, you must learn to budget your time.  When I asked Andrew Ferrari what the hardest part of AP World is, he said “the massive amount of material you need to know for a test.” When studying for an AP test, there is a lot of memorization that goes into it. Sofia Mauro also added the hardest adjustment for her in AP World was the “different test format.”   It is important to note that any AP class you take will take time to adjust to the teaching style.  Many students in AP World, including myself, started off a little shaky in the beginning; however, after that first test, it is really important that you adjust and figure out how you learn best to retain the information.

Overall, AP World is a great class for students who want a challenge and love to read. The one thing that I can stress for anyone who decides to take AP World is that you need to take time out of your weekend to read the textbook and review your notes. Kelly Strigaro adds that “you need to know how to analyze in more complicated ways opposed to just stating the obvious.” AP World is a college course, so do not expect the class to be easy.  I encourage anyone who wants to take AP World to do so because it is a very interesting course, especially if you like Social Studies. However, you must be motivated and be willing to put in the effort to study and complete the homework.

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