The Paw Print


Panel 1: Avery comes home from school. Panel 2: Avery opens backpack, they say "looks like I don't have any homework." Panel 3: They say, "all I need to do is study for my test tommorow." Panel 4: Many hours of studying pass. Panel 5: Avery finishes studying Panel 6: Avery is finished studying Panel 7: Avery thinks they can finally go to sleep. Panel 8: Alarm goes off. Panel 9: Avery has to go to school because it is now morning. Panel 10: Avery arrives at school, and is extremely tired. Panel 11:Avery's social studies teacher tells them there is not a test today, contrary to their belief. Panel 12: Avery is shocked that there isn't. Panel 13: Avery's teacher tells them the test was moved to Thursday. Panel 14: Avery collapses on the floor, and their teacher asks if they are okay.
Logan Needham
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The student news site of Walt Whitman High School in Huntington Station, NY.
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