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Health Habits of Students at Whitman: Are Walt Whitman students taking proper care of themselves?

Abigail Tavera, Editor March 13, 2022

Good health is the foundation of our life. In order to be successful, to help others, to be the best people possible, we have to take care of ourselves first. Eat healthy, exercise, and sleep. These are...

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Chipotle—A Feast for All!

Wendy Marisol and Dana Gomez February 6, 2022

Chipotle is a restaurant to spend with family or friends. It has a pleasant and comfortable environment which is perfect for having long conversations, fun, and a pleasant meal, be it something with a...

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When Do the Holidays Start?

Faith Tyburski, Editor February 6, 2022

Oh, the constant debate of when the holiday season actually begins. It is talked about a lot during this time of year. When is a good time to start decorating and preparing for the holiday season? Should...

The Book Revues Next Chapter! Image taken from Book Revue: The Next Chapters kickstarter page.

Book Revue’s Reprint

Sienna Leaver, Writer February 6, 2022

Since the Book Revue closed on September 9th, they have been far from inactive. In fact, the Huntington village staple has been working around the clock to set up a new shop. While the history of the 44-year-old...

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Side Effects of Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine

Estefany SortoMelendez, Writer June 15, 2021

What could be a possible side effect after getting a COVID-19 vaccine? According to the CDC updates/information, the most common side effects are pain, redness, and swelling. You can also feel tired, get...

Image taken from Shirmpys Burrito Bar Facebook

Shrimpy’s Burrito Bar—Exclusive Interview

Gianna Dennis, Writer June 15, 2021

Have you ever tried Shrimpy’s Burrito Bar? It’s a restaurant owned by Walt Whitman High School graduates. The owners Ryan and John are incredibly dedicated to the business and leave every one of their...

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Vaccine Passports—Everything You Should Know

James Steigerwald, Writer June 15, 2021

As vaccinations start to roll out across the world, a lot of us find ourselves eager to go see our family and friends again or simply just want to visit new places. However, traveling still remains somewhat...

Taken from AP Central - College Board.

AP Exams in 2021

Gabriel Gonzalez, Editor-in-Chief June 15, 2021

The school year is finally coming to an end. And with that, students in Advanced Placement classes (APs) recently took their final exams in their respective courses, referred to as AP exams. Some students...

Image taken from Shepherds Hill Academy.

The Pros and Cons of Social Media

Faith Tyburski, Editor May 3, 2021

Looking at screens all day is awful for health. Despite the fact that many people are aware of this, they are forced to stare at screens for work or school. After staring at screens all day, people then...

Image taken from Thrive Global.

Warm Weather

Gianna Dennis, Writer May 3, 2021

Finally, no more snow! April is here, which means that we can start putting away our winter coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and boots. We may have lost an hour of sleep due to daylight savings, but now the...

Image taken from EHS Today.

A Year Inside

Gabriel Gonzalez, Editor-in-Chief May 3, 2021

It hardly feels like over a year since the COVID pandemic caused the shut-down of Walt Whitman High School, and yet it has been. At the time, the majority of us expected to be back in school after a few...

Picture taken by Abigail Tavera

2020 Holiday Activities— COVID-19 Can’t Stop All Our Fun!

Abigail Tavera, Editor February 12, 2021

Although it seems that COVID has ruined everything this year, it has not spoiled our holiday spirit! There are still so many holiday activities that people are enjoying in spite of the restrictions the...

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