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Summer Ideas

Alexa Costello and Katie Glatzle June 10, 2024

We’re all lucky enough to live on Long Island in the summertime where there is a lot to do. Even if you get bored over the summer, the vacation is what you make of it. Often, everyone talks about the...

On the day of Valentines, most of these racks are emptied out.

Happy Valentines: Love, The Economy

Aryaa Shah June 10, 2024

Every February 14th, couples take their significant others to fine dining, fancy dates, or even vacations. But who is gaining from Valentine's Day? To answer this question, you need to travel 1500 years...

Junior Year: What We’ve Done and What’s Coming

Sameera Chaudhry and Alexa Costello March 1, 2024

Listen, we’ve all heard that Junior Year is hard, but none of us knew what to expect.  In September, we didn’t expect this year to be such a drastic change from sophomore year.  I mean, we would...

AP World vs. AP Euro

Michael Kaloo March 1, 2024

AP World History and AP European History are two great classes that can earn you college credit if you take them. If you are a freshman currently doing course registration and are wondering whether you...

Winter Attire: Whitman’s Fashion Conspiracy

Maryam Malik March 1, 2024

In hopes of gaining insight into Whitman students’ refusal to wear jackets, we sit down with Whitman seniors to see what they think. With the temperature decreasing and frost creeping its way onto...

Around 4 minutes after we ordered the Berry Delight Crepe!

Where To Be Hungry After School

Aryaa Shah December 16, 2023

As the final bell rings and crowds of students leave their classrooms, Walt Whitman students slip through the side gate that leads to various restaurants on the left side of Jericho Turnpike. Watching...

Celebrating Ramadan

Celebrating Ramadan

Shayaan Siddiqui, Section Editor May 12, 2023

A large group of students here at Walt Whitman have started to fast for a month called Ramadan. Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, for which they fast for 30 days, from sunrise to sunset. The start and...

Blood drive captains with our mascot, the Wildcat!

The Annual Fall Blood Drive

Sydney Cusack, Editor in Chief March 10, 2023

Imagine this: you’re sitting comfortably in your chair while donating blood, feeling accomplished because you're almost done, and you start to feel a little bit dizzy. In a couple of seconds, you’re...

A Teen Advisory Board meeting in progress.

Volunteering at the Public Library

Sienna Leaver March 10, 2023

When spring arrives, it quickly becomes that time of the year. Frantic upperclassmen rush around, desperate to rack up their hours of community service. While not everyone ends up in this position, many...

A Senior already exhausted after only first and second period.

The Back-To-School Blues

Sydney Cusack December 2, 2022

“Please, just five more minutes!” If I had to put my first two months of this school year into words, that sentence would encapsulate them perfectly. Somehow, no matter how early I go to bed, I...

 One of Starbucks’ many marketing slogans 
for the PSL. #PumpkinSpiceLatte

PSL: Why Are We Obsessed?

Aryaa Shah, Section Editor December 2, 2022

If you close your eyes in any coffee shop during the fall, you will more than likely smell a comforting waft of warm spice and caffeine. Beginning in August, coffee shops bring out their autumn bestseller:...

Make sure to stay healthy!

Image taken from Summit Health

Health Habits of Students at Whitman: Are Walt Whitman students taking proper care of themselves?

Abigail Tavera, Editor March 13, 2022

Good health is the foundation of our life. In order to be successful, to help others, to be the best people possible, we have to take care of ourselves first. Eat healthy, exercise, and sleep. These are...

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