The Dark Side of Video Games

The Dark Side of Video Games

Which video game console is your favorite? Is it Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3? Perhaps it’s the Wii or something else. Maybe you have a favorite game to play: the new FIFA 16 or the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The point is many people play video games–maybe too many.

The truth about video games is simple. The negatives ultimately outweigh the positives.

Let’s start with the pros. According to, there have been some studies that suggest video games can lead to better hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. The brain’s ability to process information may even improve. Another advantage may include the obvious: a whole lot of fun.

“Video games are fun…Time goes fast when I play them,” Whitman freshman Michael Baranowski says. 

Unfortunately, many popular games have a lot of violence. Seeing and playing games that are too violent can have a big impact on one’s behavior. According to New York Daily News, psychologist Dr. Kimberly Young said,“There definitely seems to be a correlation between violent game use and aggressive behavior. [Kids] will throw things, they’ll hit their parents, they’ll start becoming violent at school.” Aggressive behavior can certainly lead to bad health.

How many hours do you typically play video games a day? Think about it. Isn’t it quite a lot? According to The Science of Mental Health, kids spend more time playing video games than watching television. Now that’s crazy!

Time is a valuable resource. The time lost when playing video games adds up to a remarkable amount. Think about all the things you could do in that time. There’s exercise or going outside to play. This overuse of video games can lead to many health problems including being overweight or sleep deprived.

Many gamers also become addicted to video games. Some people stay up all night playing video games while others stay awake days at a time.

Jake Cartisano, a Whitman student, provides a different analysis about video games.

“[Gamers] might be hiding their real life by pretending to be someone else through the use of virtual reality,” he said.

That could absolutely be true. There have been serious cases where people harmed themselves because of the influence of video games.

Clearly, the negatives of video games weigh heavier than the positives.