The Truth About Solar Energy

The Truth About Solar Energy

The sun makes it possible for life to be sustainable on Earth. It’s the major source of energy for the entire world. Humans should take advantage of the enormous energy provided by the sun.

Acquiring energy from the sun is far better for the environment than burning fossil fuels. Humans should consider the trade-offs involved in solar energy. However, it is quite clear that humans should make their goal be to install solar panels.

You have probably heard of the major advantages (environmentally friendly) and disadvantages (cost) of solar energy. Let’s start with the cost. According to, the average cost for solar in New York State in 2013 was estimated to be around $9,856. The national average was approximately $17,056. There is no doubt that solar energy is that cheap. However, it will pay off in the future and is crucial for promoting a healthy environment.

“It’s costly and a big investment. I don’t see many [solar panels] around,” said Whitman student John Gemelli.

So, how exactly will it pay off in the future? According to, people in New York State could have saved up to $130 each month after switching to solar power. After 20 years, they would have saved more than $30,000! 

It would have taken only eight years for the cost of solar power to level out with the expense of it. Furthermore, the prices of gas and electricity can certainly increase in the future. However, the price would be less with solar power.

Who would want to waste money on electricity? Michael Baranowski, a freshman, certainly wouldn’t.

“I will prefer solar panels because I don’t want to waste money,” he said.

Solar power should be considered as an alternative energy form because it will help protect our planet. Believe it or not, solar energy could significantly help with the bigger issues of climate change and global warming. If a lot of people switch to solar energy, the need for burning fossil fuels would decrease. 

Burning fossil fuels can lead to major problems, like a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. According to Howstuffworks, solar energy can lead to humans putting less amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It can also lead to a decline in air pollution. Solar energy can even be cleaner than other ways of harnessing energy. Many people, like Whitman freshman Justin Thorne do think that solar energy is better for our environment.

“It’s better for our environment than coals and other fossil fuels,” he said.

Solar energy should be the way for the future of our world. That future would be far better for the world we live in. No matter if you find it beneficial or not, it is an idea that should certainly be considered.