Common Sense: Not That Common

Common Sense: Not That Common

Imagine you’re in class. The teacher is checking a thing labeled as a “review sheet” that was due today. Suddenly, someone asks, “Do we have a test soon?”

Now imagine there was a hazardous blizzard that dumped more than a foot of snow. The temperature is -10 degrees Fahrenheit. You go outside completely covered in multiple layers of clothing.  However, you come to a disturbing sight of a man wearing short-sleeves. Not much time has passed when you see couple of friends riding their bike on the white road. You see, common sense is not that common in many people.

Seriously: too many people shows signs of an absence of basic common sense. According to Psychology Today, there are unfortunately many more ways people show no common sense. For example, people buy stuff they cannot afford. They spend lots of money on irreverent purchases like junk food.

“An example of the absence of common sense is people thinking [they] will not get caught for doing insensible things in the public,” states freshman Tim Rise. People often make bad decisions. They really seem to lack self-awareness.

“A lot of people don’t think before they act. Therefore, they don’t have common sense,” remarks 9th grader Charles Nostrand. Wouldn’t the world as we know it be far better if we made rational decisions, and actually think before acting upon something?

 According to, 65 percent of people think that having common sense is more significant than having knowledge. Common sense allows you to make the “right” decisions without necessarily knowing all the trade-offs. Many times, it is better to know how to use a map rather than memorizing all the information contained in it. Because of this, it is a must that you have common sense.

Many people think common sense is uncommon, yet they themselves might be the common people who lack common sense. According to, 100% (all of them!) of the people who voted in the question about common sense said that common sense is indeed uncommon!

“No one has [common sense] and everyone needs it,” claims freshman Rebecca LaManna. Everybody absolutely needs to be exposed to common sense. Some of the uncommon sense exemplified in people is quite ridiculous. People must make an effort to think before doing anything. However, making time to think in today’s technology centered world is quite difficult. Once common sense is acquired, decisions generally tend to be at least morally and ethically correct. It helps to generate rational thought.

A quote from Brainy Quote says, “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” There is no better way to word it than this. You can read more inspirational quotes about common sense at Brainy Quote. Perhaps put them in your room, make them stand out, and acquire more common sense each day. After all, common sense is not that common in common individuals.