Has Technology Become a Hard-Working Person’s Savior?

Has Technology Become a Hard-Working Person’s Savior?

Answer this simple question: Can you live without the device you are using to read this article? Chances are, you can’t. This is a known fact to almost all of us. We are truly dependent upon our technology and electronic devices — not to mention that we are also addicted to them. Think about it: will you go even a day without your phone? Now, that is very difficult. 

However, technology has also become the hardworking person’s savior. 

Technology is threaded into our everyday life and even our culture. In fact, it even speeds up the rate of culture diffusion. We can’t imagine our lives without our precious tech devices. A simple fact is that there are too many different tech products: phones, tablets, computers, laptops, e-readers, and countless other items. According to a study posted in the Washington Post, today’s teens spend more than seven-and-a-half hours a day consuming media — watching TV, listening to music, surfing the web, social networking, and playing video games. Just take a moment to let that sink into your head. Seven-and-a-half hours. That’s the average amount of sleep most people get per night! That’s also seven-and-a-half precious hours gone from your day. 

Technology, you have to admit, has completely and in every way possible changed our lives. It has made our lives easier. Airplanes and cars have revolutionized transportation. There are now Smartboards in numerous classrooms in school. Wearable technology like the Apple Watch has allowed us to keep track of our fitness levels. Weather forecasting has become more accurate. Smartphones allow you to fundamentally do anything you can think of, from paying with your smartphone to talking with your smartphone (think Siri).

Technology, for hardworking people, has been a savior. When people have a question they do not know the answer to, they take their phone out and look it up. It should not even take 20 seconds to find an answer to an easy question online. If we have to edit something, we can easily rely on tech products. Creating a PowerPoint or a spreadsheet in this age is a piece of cake and the youth can even handle that. PowerPoints are a savior when people like business owners have to present reports. Businessmen can even create graphs and other visual aids to go along with the presentation.               

Education and technology have a deep correlation between them. Many students own a phone. Their phone becomes a savior. At home or on the go, students can look up information on the internet. They can find assignments on teacher’s eboards. The students can also do group work through the use of services like FaceTime. Many teachers allow students to type their work and submit it through some type of online website like Google Classroom.

Technology is just as distracting as it is liberating. It prevents us from doing things that we have to do. We generally tend to spend large amounts of money just to upgrade to a better phone. Students also seem to use their phones mostly for un-educational purposes. They play and are addicted to games. Listening to music on a phone also distracts us from our world. According to a study posted in the Wall Street Journal,  53 percent of people state they waste at least an hour at work every day, and most of their distractions are digital. Now that’s just incredible! Technology is truly remarkable and tremendously significant in our day-to-day life.