Analyzing the Xenophobe, Mr. Donald Trump

Analyzing the Xenophobe, Mr. Donald Trump

This 2016 election season is shaping up to be the most unique in perhaps all of history. The candidates are doing or, rather, saying things we could never have imagined in our lives. From calling other candidates “liars” to insulting the Muslim population, Donald J. Trump is defying the norms of the election process.

A President Trump would be a disaster.

Trump has insulted too many groups of people already. According to CNN, some of the groups Trump has insulted include the disabled, reporters, Iowans, Muslims, African-Americans, Asians, women, POWs, and his fellow competitors. The list is just too long and represents groups that deserve respect. It is just immoral to insult women and an entire religious community, amongst other group.

The name Donald J. Trump is almost synonymous with controversy. According to the NY Daily News, Trump’s list of controversial statements ranges from topics of immigration to foreign affairs. According to The Atlantic, a Trump campaign press release said that Trump wanted a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” The Muslim ban proposal was really shocking to many. It’s truly rare for a Republican presidential candidate to say that. He is essentially violating the principles set forth in the U.S. constitution.

“Donald Trump will actually do something in office and make a difference. We need a businessman in office that will make change happen,” says Whitman freshman A.J. Wobig. Many Trump supporters are sadly caught in the delusion of the notion that the Trump administration will bring about positive change. Unfortunately, too many people seem to like Trump’s heinous remarks as evidenced by his win in the New Hampshire Primary.

“His [Trump’s] decisions can be too rash and his words can be very childish. Trump has angered a great deal of the population,” remarks 9th grader Jaycee Cardoso.

“I don’t like Donald Trump. He highlights the true Republican base which now seems more radical, racist, and xenophobic than I ever thought. Trump is a divider. He would make a terrible president. His policies would be disastrous for our economy,” says “political expert” and Whitman freshman Andrew Borges.
Trump certainly shouldn’t be the president because his political rhetoric is outright insulting and unethical. This campaign season has kind of been shoved right in our faces courtesy of the xenophobe, Donald Trump. The 2016 election is getting even uglier as time progresses. Whatever happens, though, the American public should go out and vote for a real presidential candidate. Obviously, stay tuned for more drama and entertainment provided by businessman and the Republican front-runner Donald J. Trump.  It will be quite hillary-ious.