Apple vs. Samsung

Apple vs. Samsung

If you own an iPhone, how do you feel about it? Is it the best thing in the world? Perhaps, you own a Samsung phone and love it. The debate over Apple vs. Samsung is not new at all. Many people, perhaps including you, have strong opinions about which is better. Which side of the debate are you on?

The simple truth is that both of these companies have produced products that are remarkably awesome. However, many individuals look at the products with an excessively critical eye. The finest of details dictate each side of the debate too often. Whether it’s Apple or Samsung, does it even matter which one is deemed “better” for everyday individuals?

In a random survey of 10 students at Walt Whitman High school, 9 out of the 10 prefer Apple over Samsung. According to, the Apple and Samsung likeability is split. 51% of people say Apple is better than Samsung while 49% say Samsung is better.

According to Contently, Apple wins the debate 3-2 against Samsung. Apple won the categories of innovation, consistency, and impact while Samsung won the categories of entertainment and social savvy. Again, it’s a very close debate.

One component of the Apple-Samsung debate is whether the Apple iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S6 is better. There are some stark differences and vital similarities between the two. Need to compare the two smartphones? TechRadar has you covered. Check it out.

It seems like many people slightly prefer Apple over Samsung. What could be some reasons for this? Whitman students give their explanations.

“Apple has better quality and software. It also has more products and cool designs,” says freshman Jake Cartisano. Product quality is arguably the most distinguishing factor in the Apple-Samsung debate. Individuals want the absolute best quality they can get.

“Apple products are simple and easy to use,” claims 9th grader Michael Baranowski. Sometimes, the debate comes down to convenience. Obviously, people in the 21st century crave easiness and utter convenience.

“Apple has a cool logo, so it’s just cooler,” says Whitman freshman John Gemelli. Overall appearance has so much significance in the modern era. Technology is no exception to this.

“Apple and Samsung are very similar, but Samsung is cheaper,” Whitman freshman Justin Thorne says.  Money is again at the base of the Apple vs. Samsung debate just like it is for everything in the world. Many people choose Samsung because it’s not necessarily as expensive as Apple.

The reality is that we shouldn’t really be worried about whether Apple or Samsung is better. Their products are all excellent. People just consider one of them “better” because the product meets their expectations. The Apple-Samsung debate will go on. However, the comparison of the iPhone 15 and Samsung Galaxy S15 may end the debate.