On Climate Change and Politics

On Climate Change and Politics

It seems that politics is being shoved into our faces this election season. This is mainly due to the explosive statements and exchanges of the candidates, especially Mr. Trump, and his political party. Unfortunately, since politics often entails controversy, it can also result in the spreading of incorrect information. In this case, we’re talking about climate change.

Wouldn’t you agree that climate change exists? Of course, it does! However, many Republicans reject the idea of climate change. Why is that?

Look at what’s occurring in our world today. Why does it feel like 70 degrees outside in January? Why are there more severe storms at a faster rate? The answer is quite simple. Climate change is causing major problems. How can one even deny it’s existence?

There is an abundant number of environmental issues, both simple and complex, that undermine the notion that climate change is real. California is going through a major drought. According to Reason.com, there are also rising temperatures and disappearing glaciers. Earth’s average temperature is rising due to global warming. Greenhouse gases trap the heat and cause temperatures to drastically increase.


Source: http://quietmike.org/2014/12/30/21-stupid-things-republicans-2014/)

According to NASA, there are more reasons as to why climate change exists. Some of them include rising sea levels, warming oceans, ocean acidification, and decreased snow cover. Get more detailed explanation on these climate change issues at NASA. Climate change is here.

If climate change is real, why don’t Republicans acknowledge it? The “simple” answer is that they are politicians, not scientists. The funny fact is that many scientists and experts believe in climate change. According to Planet Experts, as much as 97.1 percent of experts believe that climate change is caused by humans.

A major factor in the argument against climate change by many people, including some Republicans, is that it will not be a huge conflict in our lifetimes. According to Tech Times, a survey was conducted and its results show that almost 2/3 of Americans see climate change as a distant threat.

“It’s not the most important thing right now. I think [Republicans] are not completely denying climate change, they are just putting it off for now,” says a Whitman freshman.

Source: http://bradblog.com/?p=10443
Source: http://bradblog.com/?p=10443

“Republicans are putting climate change off because they are not sure how they should act,” claims another student.
However, it’s a bit absurd for us to think that climate change is not important because it won’t affect us in during our lives. The future of the world is going to be devastating if this mindset doesn’t change soon.