Are the 2016 Candidates and Election an Indication of this Country’s Doomed Fate as a Democratic Republic?


The election season is in no way over. In fact, it’s heating up each day. It is burning away our sense of politics. ”  Sure, the number of candidates have shrunk from the start of the campaign season on both sides of the aisle. However, you know far too well that the heart of this political election that seems to defy the laws of political physics is Mr. Donald J. Trump. Until he drops out (which, let’s just say, is impossible), this election season will continue to be unique.

What system of government does the U.S have? No, it is not a democracy. It’s a democratic republic. While it is theoretically ruled by the people, it doesn’t seem like it is. Countless people do not go to their voting booths on Election Day in November. According to Wikipedia, only about 54.9 percent of the voting age population actually voted in the 2012 general election. We have a huge responsibility of picking the president. However, we waste our powers of being a citizen.

How does this election’s list of candidates reflect the system of a democratic republic? Well, it’s a clear indication of this country’s doomed fate as a democratic republic. Trump is a xenophobe. According to Conservative Review, Trump campaign’s foundation is built on insults. He has called people “lightweight,” “choke artists,” “nasty guys,” “weak,” and “spoiled brats without properly functioning brains.” Hillary Clinton has had her own problems with her famous email scandal and Benghazi.

“[Presidential candidates] represent the failure of the politicians responding to the needs of the citizens,” says freshman Andrew Borges.

“Growing up, I saw the Democrats as the good guys, the heroes of politics. Then, I grew up and realized that everything they gave was taken away from someone else. This year’s candidates are no different,” explains Paw Print writer Rebecca LaManna. Not all people are obviously satisfied with the results of the government. The 2016 election season reveals a lot about the values and beliefs of the general American public.

This nation was supposed to be a democratic republic. People were supposed to participate in the government and make their voices heard. With the low rates of voter turnout and a disinterest of many voters, this nation is fated to run away from a true republican form of government.

Stand by for more drama in this election season. We may know more about ourselves than we ever did in the past. This election will tell us. Also, don’t forget to vote if you are legally able to do so. It is your responsibility.