Decking the Halls at Whitman

It’s time for the holidays, and Walt Whitman High School’s hallways are gleaming with color and cheer! Every wing throughout the building is taking the initiative to get everyone into the holiday spirit with a healthy dose of festive competition. The wings of the school are currently separated into different themes, most of which have their own creative twists. 


Certain wings’ decorations were inspired by classic Christmas movies and music, while others executed completely original ideas. Those that garnered the most inspiration from movies are the 200 and 300-wings. A part of the 200-wing was modeled after the Miser Brothers’ cave from the movie The Year Without a Santa Claus, which truly showcased the artistic abilities of Whitman students and teachers alike. The 300 wing featured Whitman’s adaptation of A Christmas Carol, featuring classy décor and relaxing holiday music playing in the background. In terms of connections to popular holiday songs, one segment of the 200-wing was inspired by the song “The 12 Days of Christmas.” The same goes for part of the 600-wing, but they applied a scientific theme to their decorations.


On the other hand, the 500-wing took a completely different approach and got into the holiday spirit by decorating with a Christmas in July theme in mind. The entire hallway was decked out with tiki hut props, beach ball strings, inflatable pools, and palm trees. The 600-wing celebrated “lit-mas,” with an array of books stacked up to create a unique fireplace. 


Decorating the hallways for the holiday season not only uplifts everyone’s spirits, but also fosters collaborative spirit and camaraderie within the entire Whitman community. Walking through the hallways during the month of December is like “walking through tiny festive art exhibits” because it allows the students and staff to immerse themselves in the holiday spirit and “feel over the moon with joy”, according to sophomore Anthony Rossero. During this time of year, many students and teachers are tired and can’t wait for a restful winter break. These decorations are uplifting as they not only remind people that not only is there a break slowly approaching, but also encourage everyone to be grateful for the time they get to spend with their family and friends. Here’s to many more years of this fabulous Whitman tradition!