Students’ Perspective in Online School: How COVID-19 Affects Students and Their Decisions


Taken from Norco College

There are more students who take online classes than the students who are going to school, a big percentage of students have the same reasons. 2020 was a different year for everyone, but students, in particular, have a lot more difficulties because of COVID-19. This school year, schools are empty and home computers are full of students who are too afraid to go into a place where they not only put themselves in danger, but where they also could threaten the wellbeing of their families. This is such a crucial fear that students still prefer to take classes online even when the school has installed improved safety and security measures.

I asked some of the students from Walt Whitman High School who take all-virtual classes why they made the decision to stay at home and take online classes. Twelve out of sixteen gave almost the same exact answer: they want to protect themselves and their families from the virus. Most of them also agreed that their parents had an influence in their decision to take online classes. 

Even knowing that taking all virtual classes will be a challenge, most of the students will continue doing what they believe to be the right thing and stay at home for their safety.