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2016 Presidential Election Outcome

2016 Presidential Election Outcome

Parker Keller , Politics Writer January 7, 2017
The 2016 presidential campaign season has arguably been one of the most divisive times in American political history. The major political party candidates, Donald Trump(R) and Hillary Clinton(D), are considered the most unlikable presidential candidates that America has ever seen.

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

Kayla Sakayan and Natalie Ugenti January 7, 2017
The 2016 presidential election has definitely been one to remember. Supporters of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump have been unable to fully comprehend the results of this election. Opposing views, especially moral ones, have driven the controversy behind it all, creating even more tension in an already politically divided nation. With all the accusations made this year, some voters were overwhelmed and did not know who they could trust to be the next president, others were extremely supportive of their parties. These two forces clashed this election year, causing a major struggle in the fight for the White House.
The Final Stretch Of the 2016 Election

The Final Stretch Of the 2016 Election

Ashar Farooq, Politics Editor November 13, 2016
Now, it is just a matter of time until we know who the next President of the United States will be. The two major party candidates, Trump and Hillary, have been involved in a multitude of controversies. They are widely seen, according to numerous polls, as the most unfavorable candidates in U.S history. The three presidential debates have also been, for lack of a better word, vicious and very heated.
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