The Final Stretch Of the 2016 Election


The 2016 election is quickly coming to its climax: November 8th, 2016. There have been countless positive and negative developments in this election and it all comes down to Election Day.
The candidates are as follows.
Hillary Clinton (Democratic Party Nominee)
Tim Kaine (VP Nominee)

Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party Nominee)
William Weld (VP Nominee)

Jill Stein (Green Party Nominee)
Ajamu Baraka (VP Nominee)

Donald Trump (Republican Party Nominee)
Mike Pence (VP Nominee)

Now, it is just a matter of time until we know who the next President of the United States will be. The two major party candidates, Trump and Hillary, have been involved in a multitude of controversies. They are widely seen, according to numerous polls, as the most unfavorable candidates in U.S history. The three presidential debates have also been, for lack of a better word, vicious and very heated.
Although you might not be old enough to vote (if you are, then you really should vote!), you should know about the election because it will impact your future. It will impact not just your education, but other aspects of your life that you might not have imagined, as well.
Whitman students express their opinions on the election. They have a variety of perspectives on the election and the candidates.
Sophomore Andrew Borges thinks that “Hillary will win because she’s the only candidate who can win besides Trump.”
Kevin McKenna, a sophomore, likes Gary Johnson but thinks that he “does not stand a chance in the election. If [the election were] just a pure two candidate race, I would have to vote for Trump.”
Junior Tim Jobson has an interesting perspective, claiming “I still like Bernie Sanders, but this year’s candidate choices do not interest me much. Maybe, I would actually vote for a giant meteor since this election has been so long and brutal.”
Sophomore Carson Albitz says that he would vote for Trump because “[Trump] cares about the protection of the society.”
This election is particularly important because there are serious issues lingering in the air like the Supreme Court issue. There are conflicts that are risking the national interest of the United States and the entire world.