Senior Superlatives Announced

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And the winners are:

Best Dancer
Male: Gary Cisneros
Female: Katie Cox

Best Dressed
Male: Derek Lap
Female: Faith McIntosh

Most Free-Spirited
Male: Doug Marr
Female: Eve Metzger

Mr. & Mrs. Whitman
Male: Juan Gonzalez
Female: Milly LeClaire

Most Artistic
Male: Muaz Azhar
Female: Val Abbene

Most Likely to Succeed
Male: Joon Ko
Female: Misha Patel

Most Tech Savvy
Male: Hans Bas
Female: Claudia Rodriguez

Most Likely to be on a Reality TV Show
Male: Angelo Gervasio
Female: Pam Pulvirenti

Most Sarcastic
Male: Doug Guida
Female: Marguerite Bonhomme

Danger to Pedestrians
Male: Matt Merbitz and Jacob Bronson
Female: Amanda Moletz

Male: Joe Ward
Female: Kaela Bresnan

Male: Jesse Scheiner
Female: Rumeysa Mete

Broadway Bound
Male: Tyler Zeoli
Female: Jess Menditto

Best Vocalist
Male: Carlos Villatoro
Female: Kelsey Derosa

Male: Matt Kleet
Female: Sophia Avella

Worst Case of Senioritis
Male: Scott Manning
Female: Riley Conlon

Teacher’s Pet
Male: Jason Saslaw
Female: Emma Kongevold

Most Likely to Lead a Second Life
Male: Michael Hoang
Female: Emily Lettis

Soccer Mom & Dad
Male: Mike Lorello
Female: Julia Canigiani

Most Athletic
Male: Rob Bottoni
Female: Alexandra Greaves

Class Clown
Male: Nick Chiusano
Female: Ariel Khatchatourian

Best Musician
Male: David Grey
Female: Brittany White

Biggest Heart
Male: Patrick Brady
Female: Nikolette Bellocchio

Most Likely to Trip at Graduation
Male: Dylan McNally
Female: Lauren Owens and Barbara Kahl

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