Bieber and One Direction Release an Album on the Same Day

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Bieber and One Direction Release an Album on the Same Day

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Justin Bieber and One Direction both released an album on November 13. Justin and 1D have extremely high ratings and because they released new albums on the same day, we will all get to see as the two go head to head. 

Their albums may have taken off on the same day, but whose will go further?

Justin’s album, Purpose, is a breakup album featuring top chart hits such as “Sorry” and “Love Yourself.” This album has a catchy pop vibe and is his comeback after a very eventful year.

Billboard describes Purpose as “a party album” with “low-key electro-dance sounds.” His album can very well be danced to, which could be what is keeping it so high in the charts.

As of November 15, Justin holds the second, third, and fifth spots on the iTunes top ten singles chart and is currently the number one album on iTunes as well.

One Direction’s album, Made in the AM, is also an important album because it is their first without former band member Zayn Malik. Their new album has quite a variety of songs, both upbeat and touching. Just about anyone could find a song that they can relate to.

The band is also powering through the album vocally, even without Zayn. They currently hold the 16th spot on the iTunes top singles chart and the number two spot on the iTunes top albums chart.

The band also had released that they are taking a temporary break after this album–it can definitely be said that they are going out with a bang.

These two albums are clearly very different from each other; while Justin’s album offers the beat drops everyone craves, One Direction’s album offers a song for every possible emotion.

As of press time, Justin is ahead; however, the race is not over yet. One Direction has a very strong fan presence and could jump to the number one spot in the blink of an eye. Rolling Stone describes Justin as “the comeback kid” while they believe One direction is “racing for the exit.”

Talent and promise are clearly present in these two albums, and both Justin and 1D are reaching new areas in their careers. The race of the two musical geniuses is sure to be a close one.

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