New Year, New Tech: The Best of CES 2016


Every year, tech companies and members of the press gather in Las Vegas, Nevada for the world-renowned Consumer Electronics Show. At CES, the biggest names in tech reveal their plans for the year to come, and this CES was no exception.

At this year’s CES, the “Internet of things” became a tangible vision. The Internet of things is a concept of a future in which all appliances and devices are interconnected and automatically operate. While many companies have pursued this idea in the past, their work has finally come to fruition this year. At CES, we saw smart clocks, clothes, and even washing machines. Quite possibly the strangest innovation of this year’s CES: smart refrigerators. Tech giants like Samsung and LG previewed fridges with elegant designs and even giant 21-inch touchscreens.

Another product that took center stage at CES was the smart car. We saw interesting concepts from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen featuring autonomous driving abilities and slick exteriors.

HD televisions were also featured throughout the show. At last year’s CES, 4K TVs were everywhere. This year, they returned even better. OLED 4K TVs at CES 2016 have dark, inky blacks and excellent dynamic ranges. 8K TVs are even sharper (and more expensive) and offer crisp imaging at massive scales.

At CES, the future of the tech world is revealed to the public. Often, the products shown are simply outlandish concepts that will never be realized. This year, however, we saw 8K TVs, driverless cars, and smart fridges that could quite possibly become mainstream in the next year.