The Gaming Wildcat: Pokémon announces its next Sun & Moon set!


The Pokémon Company once again shocks their fans with a big announcement: the second set of trading cards, “Pokémon: Sun & Moon Guardians Rising.” “Sun & Moon” has been the fastest selling set since the card’s big release, back in early February. But now, there is much anticipation for Rising Guardians, which is said to be released to the public in May.

When Sun & Moon came out, the trading card game world reached its golden age as the introduction of GX cards became a game changer in competitive play. Furthermore, it has gained popularity for the slight chance of a pulling a “Rainbow Rare,” an extremely rare card with a lot of value. “Guardians Rising” is going to have the same concept of 11 cards in each pack, but will also feature the beautiful, brand new GX cards with new holos, secret rares, and “Rainbow Rares.” Collectors like Deja Ebalarosa are “very pleased” to hear that the iconic Sun & Moon set will be followed by an “even better set!” Even new collectors, like Jenna Guy, “can’t wait for the new set to come out!” Younger players, like Daniel Citel, are amazed by the eye-catching set and will “spend so much money” to have it. Guardians Risings is lined up to become yet another trading card set made by the Pokémon Company.