New DNC Chairman

It has become an axiom of history to oppose the opposite party in American politics. This has become relevant as the Democratic Party elects Tom Perez as its next chairman. Tom Perez has a tough task ahead for the Democratic Party as he hopes to lead them to success at the 2018 midterm election and the 2020 presidential election.

Tom Perez’s win was not a complete dominance. He narrowly won over Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn). The DNC delegates met in Atlanta to choose its leader for the opposition and charge against President Trump. According to The Hill, interim chairwoman Donna Brazile read the results of the election of Tom Perez.

The narrow win by Tom Perez shows that the Democratic Party still has to work a lot in order to get ready for upcoming elections. It shows that the party needs unity in order to lead the charge against Donald Trump. This can be challenging because there is no clear figure of the Democratic Party, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were; however, there are some rising stars.

Tom Perez is a former labor secretary appointed by Obama. According to ABC, Perez immediately appointed Keith Ellison as the deputy chair of the DNC. This is one method to unite the party as it looks forward to the future.

Bernie Sanders originally supported Keith Ellison, but still showed optimism after the election of Tom Perez. According to CNN, Ellison said that it is crucial that Tom understands that the same-old is not working and that the Democrats must open the doors of the party to working people and young people in a way that has never been done before.

President Obama also congratulated Perez on his victory making it clear the Democratic Party will move forward with the leadership of Perez and Ellison.

Aamash Mussa, a Whitman junior, believes that Keith Ellison “should have won because he was the right candidate to revive the Democratic Party and face President Trump’s administration.”

Andrew Borges also seems to agree with this statement as he believes that Ellison “was the better pick, but Tom Perez has good ideas and proposals as well.”

An anonymous Stimson 8th grader believes that the Democratic Party will “rebound well in the midterm elections next year as they look to battle President Trump.”

It seems like the Democratic Party has much work to do in order to combat the Trump White House.