Whitman’s New Coding Club Takes Off


A new club is joining Whitman’s extensive list of extracurricular activities. The Coding Club has gotten a great start this school year. If you are interested in diving into the exponentially growing field of computer science, then this club is for you!


Coding Club meets every other Friday from 2:15 pm to about 3:30 pm in room 634. This new club is under the leadership of Mr. Feraco, a computer science and research teacher here at Whitman, and Ms. Cohen, another computer science teacher.


The club will offer great opportunities for students who are interested in gaming, coding, app development, website development, and various other areas of computer science. Some potential activities of the club include competitions like hackathons and coding challenges. In addition, the club will allow students to build a collection of their own projects, and create an online presence in an increasingly-digital world.


Musa Assassa, a club member, asserts that the “club is an exciting experience with being able to collaborate with people who enjoy coding.”


Whitman eleventh grader, Jimmy Alvarez, enjoys “hanging around other fellow coders in a fun environment.”


Computer Science is growing at an incredible pace and it is certainly worth knowing about and being familiar with coding in the modern world. The twenty-first century has been evolving and transforming the world we live in. For example, new augmented reality apps and facial recognition technology, such as in the new iPhone X, are revolutionizing daily life in very direct ways. Becoming a part of a community of students who share a common interest in an important field can help you establish a greater depth of knowledge and passion for computer science.


Whitman junior, Amna Khwaja, mentions that the club “is a great resource to learn the new technologies around the world as the computer science field keeps updating daily.”


If you or anybody you know would like to join, please come to a meeting to learn more! It is certainly worth exploring; plus, it is really fun! Remember, no experience is required!