Is Nintendo Switch Online Worth It?


In the past, Nintendo has offered its gamers free online multiplayer access across many games on their consoles, and with the success of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has decided to launch its long awaited paid online service to the public on September 18th. This is the company’s first attempt to implement a paid online service. Many fans are skeptical, and critics are anticipating a failure on Nintendo’s part. The question remains: Is Nintendo Switch Online worth it?

When the Switch was announced, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima of Japan announced that there would be a paid online service launching in 2017. Fans were shocked at the news and many refused to accept it. After many delays, fans’ fears increased that their money would be invested in a laggy online service with no offers. But finally during a September 2018 live presentation known as Nintendo Directs, the information for the paid online was finally revealed. The fans were finally given a price for the service; 1 month for $3.99, 3 months for $7.99, and 1 year for $19.99. Gamers across the world, not just Nintendo fans, were completely thrown off by the cheap price. Gaming companies like Microsoft and Sony make their customers pay up to $59.99 for a year worth of online multiplayer. Fans rejoiced at the fact that only twenty dollars would come out of their wallets for paid online services. But did Nintendo get everything right?


Save-Data backup to the cloud is an essential and basic property in any console. Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 do a perfect job at handling this necessary tool. Microsoft save-data backup is free and Sony gives save-data backup to all games when subscribed with a membership.On the other hand, Nintendo makes its customers pay to be able to backup save data on specific titles only. This frustrated many gamers that own the Switch. Games like Splatoon 2 will not receive save-data backup, losing hundreds of hours of game play in an instant. The first try at save-data backup for games was not the best for Nintendo. The question is, can it be overlooked by other features?


Nintendo Switch Online will launch with 20 classic NES games with more nostalgic gems to come in the future. This is one of the main selling points for the service. These classics can be played on either screen at any time anywhere. But the real gem shines in the online multiplayer. Some of the NES classics can be played online with others around the world or with friends. Although many were disappointed that this is what killed the Virtual Console service of delivering classics from a variety of past systems, this made many happy enough to be able to play such classics like Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Ice Climbers, Donkey Kong and more.


Now, is it all worth it? Many need to make a complicated decision. Senior student Sebastian Estevez states that “the price is perfect, but some features should have been implemented without having to pay.” Others like senior student Deja Ebalarosa believe the service “is alright for what they’re offering.” But some are just unsatisfied like junior gamer Brian Campos who believes that “Nintendo failed at launching a good online service. I don’t care that it’s $20. You get next to nothing for your money.” The Nintendo community seems to have its supporters and its critics.

A cheap price for some classics, protecting your save-data through the cloud, online multiplayer access, and some new features. This is Nintendo Switch Online. This is Nintendo’s attempt at jumping into the waters of paid online service. But are they floating or sinking? Are they failing or succeeding? That’s for you to decide.