Walt Whitman Fly Problems


Have you been experiencing difficulties with flies in our building and can’t focus well during classes? Let’s make a change and kick out these flies in our school.

There are things we can do to defend ourselves from these flies, such as:

  • Stop littering
  • Throw away your lunch
  • Set fly traps
  • Keep the windows closed

There are also ideas that Whitman students came up with:

  • “Plant herbs around the school because flies hate herbs”-Anonymous
  • “Turn on the air conditioners so the flies could freeze to death”-Anonymous

There are many complaints and comments from the students such as:

  • “They’re a disgusting abomination”-JC Rutolo
  • “I think each fly should be interrogated”-Joe Dell’Accio
  • “I saw one of the flies jump on another fly and break it’s leg”- Erick Maldonado
  • “They’re disgusting and it’s hard to focus while they’re bothering you”-Anonymous

This is a serious annoyance that all Whitman students and staff tolerate every year. These problems aren’t going to fade away unless we take action against these flies. To support our school please address our classmates and administration and help fight back against the fly infestation.