This coming November, Walt Whitman’s Performance Arts Center Stage will be presenting Clue, a play that is perfect for anyone who enjoys dark comedies or murder mysteries. If you find yourself not having bought a ticket before the weekend of the play, you should really make it your mission to purchase one!

Going to see this year’s production, Clue, will not only support your fellow classmates, but will also make you laugh until your ribs ache. This hilarious interpretation of the board game, Clue follows the storyline of a group of guests who are practically strangers arriving for a dinner party at Mr. Boddy’s manor. All of these guests were invited in by Mr. Boddy’s butler, Wadsworth. Mr. Boddy, having blackmailed them beforehand, ends up dead which leaves everyone in the room a suspect to his murder. Wadsworth then reveals that he has called the police, giving the guests 45 minutes to confess to Mr. Boddy’s murder. In a frantic attempt to prove their own innocence, the guests try their hardest to blame one of the other guests in attendance as the bodies continue to pile up.

The cast is as follows: 

Wadsworth – Josh Muellers

Miss Scarlett – -Pamela Carey u. Chelsea Perry

Miss Peacock – Julianna Sgargalio u. Anna Mcguire

Miss White – Samantha Carey u. Juli Crapanzano

Colonel Mustard – Paul Schiller u. Kaylem Archibald

Professor Plum – Liam Heather u. Mason Greco

Mr. Green – Brendan Kispert

Yvette-  Janna Garden

Cook – Jordan Logue

Singing Telegram – Chelsea Perry

Mr. Boddy – Hunter Millman

Cop – Rena Shapiro

Motorist – Kaylem Archibald

Agents – Juli Chiriboga, Dalton Marzigliano, Anna McGuire, Juli Crapanzano

Knight- Mason Greco

Reporter – Mr. John Murphy

Date and time of performances: 

November 22nd: 7:30 PM

November 23rd: 1:30 PM, 5:30 PM

Do you enjoy the arts? Are you looking to try something new? If you answered yes to these questions, then the Theater Honor Society is the perfect place for you. In case you missed the opportunity to join Clue, you are welcome to join the Theater Honor Society. This society encourages singing, acting, and dancing with no experience required. The club is run by Brendan Kispert, Josh Muellers, Juliana Scraglio, Samantha Carey and Tyler Phelan. In addition to their center stage and musical productions, THS hosts an end-of-year play to showcase all the work that they have put in throughout the year.

For more information, please contact Ms. Turner at: [email protected].