The Crucible

The cover of The Crucible’s script.
Image from Wikipedia.

The cover of The Crucible’s script. Image from Wikipedia.

You may already be aware, but for those who aren’t, this year the drama production is The Crucible. The play will be in the PAC on November 19th and 20th, with a total of three separate shows. The story takes place during the Salem witch trials and is vastly different from the spring musical. The production is “not a comedy,” but rather is full of “suspense,” as well as including major “character development,” says stage crew manager and senior Olivia Martinez. 

In the cast, there are a total of 20 roles, 6 understudies, and a total of 40 people auditioned. Due to the rather large number of people auditioning for the play, it took about “a week and a half” for the cast to be chosen, according to Olivia Martinez. The first round of auditions was very general. However, on the second day, each person was given the choice to try out for whichever role he or she wanted. According to Olivia Martinez, it was a very “difficult” process because so many “new” people tried out.

The play is smaller than the spring musical will be and Olivia Martinez specified that there will be “many more opportunities” for anyone who would like to try out. The drama production and the musical are wonderful ways to get involved in the school if you’re a freshman or even if you just want to try something new. It’s also great to come see the play this upcoming November so don’t miss out! It’s going to be a great show!