It’s the Holiday Season, so How Early is too Early for Christmas Decorations?

When one walks into stores such as Michael’s or Target, he might as well have walked into the North Pole. Whether in a small boutique or large department store, it doesn’t take long for us to notice our favorite shopping destinations decked out in red and white with glitter landing everywhere. Yet, while Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is You plays throughout the entire store, many people can’t help but wonder if it is socially acceptable to decorate for the winter holidays before Thanksgiving. 

According to an AP American History class, November is way too early to put out holiday decorations. Only one person in the entire class disagreed with this statement, mainly because she “doesn’t care” about when other people put up their decorations. She feels that people should be able to decorate for the holidays “how and when they please.”

Despite one group’s popular opinion, freshman Madison Ewart disagrees with this notion. She believes that it’s completely fine to put up decorations in November because “nobody cares about Thanksgiving,” and the winter holidays “are the only ones that matter.” Sophomore Abigail Tavera also agrees with putting up holiday decorations in November because she feels that “the holiday season needs to be extended,” as it fosters joy and universal celebration.

Ultimately, Whitman students seem to have varying opinions pertaining to when the right time to get into the holiday spirit truly is. This debate still remains unsolved, and likely will for years to come, but the overall takeaway is that people should be able to decorate for the holiday season without worrying about what other people think of them and their traditions.