Cam Newton Leads the Panthers to An Undefeated Season

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Number one in the draft, on the field, and in the NFC South, Cam Newton has been dominating the 2015 NFL season after leading his team with a 13-0 record. The Carolina Panthers were considered the underdog of their league at the beginning of the season. Having never won a Super Bowl and only seen a playoff game seven times, the Panthers have never been the fan favorite. And after losing four of their wide receivers, no one thought they would emerge undefeated.

Fortunately, Cam Newton does not seem to need one. Newton has rushed seven touchdowns this season and surpassed Michael Vick’s record of 36 with his own record of 40. (Of course, Newton still uses his arm, passing 25 touchdowns this season.)

To celebrate each of his touchdowns, Newton has a somewhat elaborate dance. He dabs and supermans before retrieving the football and handing it to a lucky fan. On many occasions, both opponents and referees have tried to stop him from handing out the ball, but in the end, Newton always gets it into a fan’s hands.

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With only three games left in the season, can the Panthers maintain their undefeated record? And could this year be their first Super Bowl win?

Whether or not he ends the season undefeated, Cam Newton will always be number one on the field, and number one in our hearts.