Powderpuff 2019 Under the Lights

 On Friday, October 4th, Whitman’s annual Powder Puff football game fostered camaraderie and “healthy” competition between the Junior and Senior classes once again. Everyone on both the turf and bleachers braved the biting cold and did not let the dropping temperatures put a damper on this incredible event. 

Powder Puff never fails to amuse both spectators and participants alike. The Junior and Senior girls were dedicated to putting their best foot forward on the field and spent a great deal of time practicing plays and strategies. On the other hand, the boys worked on picking out just the right color eyeshadow and shade of lipgloss to match their lovely printed shorts, while also perfecting their dancing skills. The Seniors, coached by Mr. Varlamos, and the Juniors, coached by Mr. Murphy, were both determined to outplay and outdance each other. 

After the weather refused to cooperate for the event on Thursday, Powder Puff preparations had to be pushed back to bright and early on Friday morning. The day kicked off with Whitman being transformed into a full service salon for the boys. Soon after they were all dolled up, the rally began throughout the entire building. The Seniors paraded their “Full Send” flag around with pride while the Juniors ran around with their giant fatheads. 

The game itself began at 7:15 PM on the turf. Early on, the Juniors scored the first touchdown; they maintained their lead throughout the entire game. The Seniors did score a few touchdowns here and there, but it was simply not enough to beat their tough opponents. Junior Jasmine Thai refers to Powder Puff as one of the “most enjoyable events during the school year” because, despite the cold weather,  “it was fun to cheer [her] friends on” whether they were out on the field “scoring touchdowns, or dancing on the field.” Similarly, Senior Alina Naseer is especially glad she took part in this “fun and memorable experience that she’ll always appreciate” because it is a tradition that makes Whitman even more unique. 

After a pretty not-so-great start for the Senior girls despite their best efforts, everyone was looking forward to the boys performing their dance routines at halftime to lighten the mood. The Junior boys tried to reaffirm how “fetch” they were as a salute to the iconic movie Mean Girls, but ultimately fell short. Junior Vincent Santoiemma highlights how he still had fun during Powderpuff because it gave him an “opportunity to connect with [his] peers.” He accepted the fact that they lost the dance because he’s certain that the Class of 2021 “will win next year for sure.” Fellow Junior Blake Morang is grateful because Powderpuff “allowed [him] to step out of his comfort zone and do a girly dance in front of hundreds of people.” Next, the Senior boys took center field and ultimately reigned supreme, compensating for the Seniors losing the football aspect of Powder Puff. Tyler Meyer, a Senior, reflects upon his cheerleader-for-a-day experience in a positive manner as well. He mentions that the group of boys is comparable to a “big family dressing up in uncomfortable outfits” and credits this experience as taking a single event and transforming it into “a memory that will last a lifetime.” Elman Aparicio, also a Senior, adds that the boy’s “dedication paid off” and recognizes that “no matter what the outcome is, it’s the fun that counts.” 

 The third and fourth quarters of the game ended with the Seniors tirelessly fighting to catch up to the Junior Girls. 4A quarterback for the Senior Girls, Priya Katwala, said she “really wanted to score a touchdown,” but unfortunately the almost immediately “Juniors seemed to always stop the practiced plays.” 

Ultimately, the game ended with a score of 18-30; this was quite disappointing for the Class of 2020 because they lost two years in a row. Congratulations to all who participated in another eventful Powder Puff! Here’s to many more years of this fabulous tradition.