Are Art and Music Unappreciated at Walt Whitman?

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In the South Huntington School District, administrators support both programs; however, with the budget cuts that have been taking place over the last few years, it seems that the art and music departments have been affected the most. Art and music open the gateway to creativity, and it is truly disappointing that these departments were the first to go under budget cuts.
Walt Whitman High School is a diverse school filled with motivated students. Many students are not only passionate about their grades, but also their talents. Some say Walt Whitman is dedicating itself more towards athletics than music and art. When I asked Sarah Choudhary if she felt the arts were equally represented as athletics at Whitman she said that the representation of music and the arts are “definitely inferior” to that of athletics. Music and arts seem to be degraded at Walt Whitman in certain areas while athletics advance in others. For example, a ceramics room is now the weight room for athletes. Administrators and the Board of Education should reconsider their decisions to cut art programs because it is important for students to exercise their creative mind and have a break during the day to help balance out their rigorous classes.
The arts are just as important as sports. Studies have shown students who have taken a music or art class seem to be more focused in class, which will improve grades. When Casey Gilmartin was asked if she feels music and art affect the brain’s ability to focus she said that she does believe art and music “help” the brain to focus. Sarah Choudhary also came to say that music and art “reinforce” positive expression and “enhance” the mind’s thinking. Many high excelling students have a lot of stress on them, but music and art classes can help relieve high-stress levels in students and result in better grades and healthier lives. When Karina Lew was asked if she felt that music and art can help relieve stress, she said very strongly, “yes, children need that creative outlet to remain sane” and went on to say that “creativity drives the human race.” Art and music are one of many aspects that help make one student stand out from another.
It is important for young adults to keep their imagination and creativity strong. Art and music classes have a different experience than a normal Common Core class, for they can cause students to feel like they are in another world. Overall, art and music are a precious gift to many students at Walt Whitman as they gives students the freedom of expression and emotion.