Try to think of the Good!

Seven AM. The same time as the day before. They say to keep a schedule, so I do, as best I can. It feels like Groundhog Day, the same as yesterday: brush my teeth, have breakfast, do school work. Maybe I will go outside and sit in the sun, or maybe bake something. I have cleaned my room and most of the house so many times I have lost count. 

I think of how much I miss being able to walk down a hallway at school, wanting so badly to be home. But now I want nothing more than those hallways and a locker I do not use. Sometimes it helps to think of the things to come after the bad has passed and things are good. 

So many things that were once taken for granted will now be enjoyed so much more. It is nice to think of the good rather than the bad even though it is easier to think of the bad. In the future, hopefully, everything will be better, but for now we can think of the good that is still in everyone’s lives like family and friends, even if you can’t be with them. Every day I go on a walk with three of my sisters after dinner to talk and get out of the house. Take a minute out of your day each day and see the good that is still in your life, write it down, and tell someone–it may help you. 

So what is good in your life? Post in the comments below to share your joy and spread happiness to those who may need it most!