High School Anxiety

Everyone struggles in highschool and faces anxieties. 

Almost everyone experiences anxiety that is not necessarily always extreme, but can still be troubling. In fact, anxiety can be quite common in high school. There is an unprecedented amount of stress put on high school students today than in the past. You have to get a paper in on time, homework to complete, clubs to join, sports to participate in, or have a huge test that you need to ace. These activities can cause high schoolers massive amounts of stress. 

Anxiety is a medical disorder. People suffering from anxiety will experience fast heart rate and shakiness, increased heart rate may later lead to other heart issues. Our own school psychiatrist, Ms. Fletcher, says some symptoms may include “persistent feelings of dread, panic attacks, stomach problems, shortness of breath and jumpiness”. 

School can be tough and can be a point of anxiety, but learning to handle it in a healthy manner is more important. It is important to be kind because you never know what the person you pass by in the hallway is going through. Teens face these problems at every school. They break down from the pressures and anxieties of everyday life. Sometimes they are just not having the best day, along with other problems they may be having, and the adults who work in student services help these kids. 

High school is difficult for some students. Young kids have a hard time reaching certain demands and these difficulties tend to cause anxiety. According to Dr. Savoy, kids have to handle “academic and social demands” that can cause struggles and “may arouse anxiety.” Dr. Savoy further explains that it is very important that adolescents “understand their strengths and weaknesses” so that they can “develop coping strategies that will allow them to face challenges in healthy ways.” 

Kids, and especially teenagers, feel pressured to do so many things. Things like having a social life, a school life, as well as a home life. Sometimes it gets to be a lot and kids break down, sometimes not in the healthiest of ways. Anxiety is a challenge and it does not just go away. There are ways to help cope with it and deal with it. If you are struggling with anxieties, or are just having a really hard time, talk to someone you trust, whether it is an adult in school and or 

out of school. Students Services at Walt Whitman High School is a wonderful resource for students who need a helping hand through the pressures that high school brings.