A Fiery Beginning to Homecoming


Walt Whitman High School’s annual Carnival and Bonfire are well-attended events by members of the South Huntington community of all ages. It’s a perfect opportunity to commemorate the end of another successful Spirit Week and prepare for an epic homecoming game the very next day. On October 4th, Whitman hosted an eventful night of games, fun, and endless amounts of prizes. 

The Carnival was jam-packed with enjoyable activities such as an obstacle course in a bouncy house, a balloon-pop game, bowling, face painting, and a football toss hosted by the US Army. Prizes included live goldfish and bouncy balls. Many of Whitman’s clubs, such as DECA and the Latino Heritage Club, also held fundraisers. DECA sold freshly made popcorn and candy, but they had some tough competition as soon as an ice cream truck decided to set up shop during the event. 

Although the event was certainly intended for younger kids, that did not stop high school students from participating. Sophomore Raymond Nazario, who participated in the DECA fundraiser, noted that there were “way more adults than [he] was expecting.” The Carnival ran from 4:00 to 6:15 PM; soon after, Whitman’s marching band put on a short performance for those in attendance. Sophomore Josh Alms plays the marimba in the marching band, and mentioned that playing for this crowd “was a fun experience” because it was particularly great “seeing community members engaged and having a great time.” 

After this performance, the Bonfire was lit, and it was the perfect way to get everyone in the spirit for the Powder Puff game, which took place on the turf at 7:15 PM. The Bonfire roared for about twenty minutes before it was extinguished. Sophomore James Steigerwald highlights that “the bonfire was great, especially on a cold night.” He adds, “it’s a nice way to spend time with friends before Powder Puff starts.”

Overall, Carnival and Bonfire are important to fostering unity within the district. These events bring the community together in ways that Powder Puff could never replicate because of the smaller, more intimate settings. It was definitely a memorable, busy evening at Whitman, and I can’t wait to see what the Carnival and Bonfire are like in the coming years!