Underappreciated Sports at Whitman


Bowling a strike! Image taken from Health Fitness Revolution.

Want to know more about the underrated sports at Whitman? Well, you came to the right place! Whitman offers many popular sports like football and volleyball. But have you ever heard of the bowling or fencing team? 

Whitman has a wide variety of sports that lots of students love to play! For example, bowling. Bowling is an awesome sport to join if you want to be part of a community and meet new people. What’s great about the team is that both girls and boys can play together on one team. The fact that anyone can join makes it very inclusive and definitely worth a try if you’re interested! 

Fencing is an incredible sport that involves footwork and fast reflexes. Fencing can help you stay fit and it’s really enjoyable once you get the hang of it. Additionally, you basically battle against one another with swords! Students interested should try it out this year!

Have you ever heard of the Whitman golf team? Well, now you have! The team is already made up of many juniors and seniors. There is both a girls’ golf team and a coed golf team if you want to try it out! 

Overall, these three sports are great ways to meet new people, make friends, stay fit, and have fun. And even if you don’t make the team, you can still try again next year!