BTS at Citi Field


On October 6th of 2018, Korean pop group BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, performed at Citi Field stadium for their LOVE YOURSELF tour. The concert was considered a huge success being the group was able to sell out the stadium. The concert is not only successful for BTS, but it is also a huge accomplishment for the K-pop industry being able to flourish in the states. There were thousands of American fans chanting their names and supporting the group of 7 men.

BTS’s fans, known as ARMYs, filled the stadium with screams while they anticipated seeing one of their favorite music groups perform. Fans chanting along with BTS as they performed could be heard from the parking lot. ARMYs such as Whitman senior student Zoey Guiliano felt that BTS “did really well involving the audience” as well as “making it really fun for everyone in the seats and the people standing.” BTS was able to include their audience by giving the audience the opportunity to sing along with the music. Junior Anna Noonan felt that “it was the best concert ever.” Karina Lew, another senior Whitman student also felt the concert “was good,” but she also thought “the security wasn’t very good.”


BTS was able to create a very exciting and uplifting atmosphere by being inclusive with their fans and music which helped many ARMYs have a great time at their concert.