Book Revue’s Reprint


The Book Revue’s Next Chapter! Image taken from Book Revue: The Next Chapter’s kickstarter page.

Since the Book Revue closed on September 9th, they have been far from inactive. In fact, the Huntington village staple has been working around the clock to set up a new shop. While the history of the 44-year-old building has been lost, they are hoping to salvage some of the values—and books—that once inhabited it.

As a result of COVID-19 and back rent, the Kleins had no choice but to shut their doors. However, the community’s outpouring of support was tremendous. Mallory Braun, a Walt Whitman graduate and former employee, partnered with the Kleins to open a fundraiser for the new store.

Their goal? $250,000 in 45 days. They posed incentives to garner people’s support. For example, a $25 donation would earn you a special pencil with The Next Chapter’s logo printed on it, a $50 donation would earn you a bumper sticker, and so on. 

Braun desires to open a store that will not be identical to Book Revue but will keep the same spirit. According to Braun’s fundraising page, she believes that “…the best reward will be for there to be a bookstore in Huntington Village.”

As of December 12, 2021, the Next Chapter project had reached its goal of $250,000! And it will continue to progress forward. Upon hearing the news, Whitman freshman Madeleine Bas commented, “I don’t go to the village too much but going after the closing felt like there was something missing. I hadn’t heard about them opening a new place up but I’ll definitely visit them once they open!”

What comes next? We’re still not sure; the future is up in the air. But whatever happens, I know I can’t wait to have a bookstore back in Huntington again.